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Feel Like There's Not Enough Hours in the Day?

We understand, running a business is hard. C4 Solutions was born out of creating a solution in our own business. We will help you create systems, processes, and hire people to free your time to get back to what you enjoy!

Top Tasks Handled by VA's

Appointment Setting/ Cold Calling

Hate calling leads? Just want to sell during an appointment. No problem. We have people to handle all of the other tasks so you can do what you do best!

Social Media Management

There is no way around social media nowadays. Your business has to do it in order to grow... but it doesn't have to be done by you!

Admin Assistant

Need someone to help with the miscellaneous office tasks that come up? Email inbox management, last minute bookings, etc.

Customer Service

Have someone available to answer client questions, gather Google reviews, and any other tasks you need to move the business forward

Success Stories

Don't Take Our Words For It. Hear From Our Clients:

Results are all that matter. See what a few of our clients have experienced with us!

We have a lot of customers right now and have been booked out. Been super helpful to get caught up!
- Anna, Business Owner in Florida

C4 Solutions has absolutely changed my business. Thank you!

-Oscar, Business Owner in Colorado

Run Your Business On The Go

By having someone else supplementing the office work, you can finally disconnect a little from the business, allowing you to spend more time with family, or take a much needed vacation!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. Virtual Assistants are a new world. You probably have some questions. Here's our most common ones!

Where are they from?

We hire top talent, wherever it may be. Many of our professionals are based in the Philippines, Costa Rica, and El Salvador

How does this work with taxes?

You are hiring C4 Solutions as a service provider, so it is deductible on your taxes. No payroll taxes to worry about!

How do I pick my VA?

We line up interviews for you. You pick your favorite. We screen hundreds of applicants and only bring you the best 3-4. If you are unhappy with them, we will line up another interview

What hours do they work?

This is your team member, so they will work whatever hours you need them to!

How does billing work?

We send you our checkout link, you enter a credit card, and then it is a recurring bill. At the end of each week, we will bill extra or refund based on over or under charges with hours.

What is the cancellation policy?

We don't do any long term contracts. As long as you are happy, you will keep working with us, so no need to lock you in! Cancel any time

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